• We ship with various type of method so as to enable safe and fast delivery of your Goods
  • As time goes on we progresively climb up the scale to the top with business and the number of customers we receive each day
  • Trans-Asia Logistics the gate way to your success
  • Delivery has never been difficult once you sign up with the our company
  • We ship from town to suburbs and even to the most difficult part of the country
  • We ship round the world and round the clock as well
Les services de transports proposés

Urgent Transport

A little less urgent
a bit cheaper

To become a customer, you must fill our account opening application form and send it to us either by fax or by e-mail.

Account opening form

The first command is done by a simple confirmation e-mail or fax, with a prior settlement.

Confirmation of order

Yes, TA Logistics has an adviser to the internal security to the enterprise and carries out missions of transport of dangerous goods in the context of its ADR service.

The operational monitoring of each mission is assured permanently through the location of vehicles and a permanent follow-up to mission H24. Furthermore all deliveries you are confirmed by e-mail in real time.

Of course, we return you your tender receipts and shipping documents either at month-end, within 24 hours following the achievement of the mission. Just ask us.

Our delivery times depend on your requirements and the technical constraints associated with the selected routing scheme (road, air...). They are sent to you when your phone call or a few minutes after this one.

If the mission entrusted to us was not made within the time limit agreed with our operation, the cost of this mission would be, excluding cases of force majeure, refunded to the payer within the limits of the damage suffered.

9 reasons to choose TA Logistics

All our deliveries are confirmed in real time by e-mail. At your request, we can also inform you by e-mail of the removal timetable.

We generally respond to your requests for price, possibilities, and deadlines in real-time. Otherwise our response sent you in the minutes following your call.

A few minutes to a few hours depending on the nature and complexity of the operations.

After validation of your request to open an account by our accounting department, the payment is made by cheque or by bank transfer within a period of 30 days.

You can confirm your order by e-mail or fax, or use our form typeorder confirmation

A dedicated vehicle is a vehicle exclusively for your transport. Your goods travel only and without intermediate reloading. Therefore, there is more risk of damage or loss of parcel on a dock.

Of course, we can perform a transport with return to your application. A reasonable cost will then be charged.

Our removal times depend on the location of your merchandise and our rolling means. They are generally lower than 1 h in France and less than 2 hours in the European Community.

Yes, you can ensure your merchandise in all risks at its actual value in subscribing to insurance"AD VALOREM".

General conditions of sale

The contractual liability of the carrier or freight forwarder is defined and limited by international conventions.

General conditions of sale





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